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Top Mobile Car Mechanic in Richland

A-Team Mobile Repair is a mobile car repair service dedicated to giving your automobile the treatment it needs to perform well and have a long lifespan. We are currently based in the Richland area and are the most reliable mobile car mechanics available in the area. If you would like to see what we can offer you, connect with us by filling the form below. We are always ready to attend to your inquiries.

Modern Equipment

We believe the key to effective service is working with the right tools – as a result, we only work with the best equipment. You have nothing to worry about when we come to your car for repairs. We understand that the industry is constantly changing, as new ways of solving auto problems arise, and we are dedicated to keeping ourselves updated with new trends. We put in all this work to ensure you are perfectly satisfied with our services regardless of whichever auto issues you have.

Suspension Repair

An unexpected noise can be extremely frustrating, especially when you rely on your vehicle to get you from A to B. Our mobile vehicle mechanic can come to you, fully equipped with the necessary equipment to fix your wheels. We use a range of sealants and tyres to help restore your car to its former glory as well as checking for any tracking and alignment issues that may be at the root of your problems. Give us a call when you need us most, and we’ll be there to help


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Product List

Oil Change


Labor Only. Includes Disposal/Recycling, Oil and Oil Filter changed with Auto Inspection. You bring oil and oil filter. 

Lube and Oil Change


Labor Only. Includes Disposal/Recycling, Oil and Oil Filter changed, Grease and Auto Inspection. You bring oil and oil filter.

Lube, AirFilter, Washer Fluid, Oil and Oil Filter Changed


Labor Only. Includes Disposal/Recycling, Oil and Oil Filter changed, Grease, Air Filter Changed, Washer Fluid Topped Off and Auto Inspection. You bring oil, oil filter and, air filter.

I Supply and Change


If I pick up the parts needed it's the Price for the parts and 30 for driving and labor out side of Richland is 10 more. 

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